Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas is a cheater addicted to prostitutes

Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas London is a cheater addicted to prostitutes. He used to work at JP Morgan in London and Bournemouth. He lives in a dirty houseshare in Clapham. The whole time we were together (4 years) this WHOREMONGER cheated on me with prostitutes and girls/trannies he met on dating sites.

Matthew Smith,finance analyst for BNP PARIBAS London United Kingdom

Matthew Smith used me and other females, but also males and trannies for sex. I deeply regret having wasted my time with this ugly creep! Matthew Smith “BNP PARIBAS” is very unattractive, – no personality-  no looks- ckeap- and his breath smells like rotten eggs and a sewage system combined.  He is “LOUSY” in bed!  A very sick- demented- mentally unbalanced freak of nature.

Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS finance analyst London United Kingdom

Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS is so stupid he ’s catched himself! He visits prostitutes so much that he saves their email adresses/contact infos. One day he sent en email to all his contacts and accidentally cc’ed the mail address of an Asian/Chinese brothel in London “londonbody2body”. That’s how I found out he was using prostitutes!

Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS also added on Facebook the girls/ladyboys he was cheating with,pretending they were friends, when in fact he was meeting them on POF, Asian dating sites etc..

Most of these girls/ladyboys are Asians, just like the prostitutes from “londonbody2body”he saved in his contacts, because this SICK CREEP is obsessed on Asians, has yellow fever.

I am myself half Asian so it was easy to figure out his sick obsession!

Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS even spent 6 months travelling in Asia in 2014 for sex tourism because the prostitutes there are so cheap! When he came back , he had lots of nasty STD!

He calls himself “smithmatt007‘online although I guess he changed of username since I exposed this vile piece of shit!

I googled his username and found lots of dating profiles he set up for meeting Asian trannies behind my back. I also found his secret instagram for contacting Asian prostitutes (let’s say a girl/ladyboy who rent her/his holes in exchange of money , by the job s(he) ’s doing). HAHA that guy is a huge EMBARASSMENT!

He is on every dating sites/apps so there’s big chances you see his UGLY CUNTFACE on tinder, POF, OKCupid etc….

He uses social medias like Facebook,instagram to contact girls, trannies and offer “job”to prostitutes. SAD LOSER!

This dog is prowling social medias to meet trannies and have to pay prostitutes for sex cause he can’t score in real life!

Dont waste your time with this UGLY CHEATING PIG unless you want STD! His face is covered with disgusting spots and his yellow teeth are fucked up!


Full name: Matthew John Smith

DOB: 27/11/1980 so he is 36 years old now

From:  Herne Bay and his emails are and

Matt Smith , BNP Paribas London     

I caught Matthew Smith with  Prostitutes .  Matthew John Smith also slept with a variety of questionable characters.  He enjoys risky- secretive and filthy sex with women that have no moral fiber- or breeding.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and as you can see that picture perfectly describe this asshole Matthew Smith from BNP PARIBAS /JP morgan.

Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas London 

PLEASE Ladies- beware- be cautious on dating sites and other public forums.  Avoid this scum bag at all costs.  He is no good and wants one thing “DIRTY  SEX”!!!! Matthew Smith “BNP PARIBAS / JPMORGAN” has no refinement or any conception of right and wrong.  I think he is divorced.  Who the hell could stand this ugly psycho????


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