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Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas: racist consultant

Matthew Smith, consultant for BNP Paribas London is a racist, but he is also a big pussy coward and really unprofessional.
He is a two-faced bastard. When you see him face to face, he pretends to be nice but then he talk shit behind your back.

Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS finance analyst London United Kingdom with prostitutes

Matthew Smith works for BNP Paribas which a french bank. Logically most of the staff there are french. But Matthew Smith hates French people, he always says shit racist stuff about the French. Why do you work there, tranny cocksuker since you hate the French? Go suck some dicks in Bangkok, little cockslut Matthew Smith.

But that is not all. When he worked at JPMorgan Chase, he spent his time saying racist things about his Indian co-workers. He said they were all smelly etc..

Matthew Smith hates Black people. He says that they re all uneducated,and thugs or drug dealers

So that really makes me laugh the hypocrisy of this motherfucker. Since I exposed this little shit for what he is. He now put up pictures of himself with Black guys just to pretend he is not racist Lol in fact he really despise and hate them!

He hates anyone who is not white english or chinese/Asians. This creep is obsessed on Asian ladyboys. They drive his infected dick mad!

Matthew Smith is very unprofessional at work because he books prostitutes from his work email address. Proof here, you can the email adress from JP Morgan where he worked. He message a Chinese brothel “londonbody2body”.

Matthew smith with prostitutes in a brothel
Matthew Smith got busted : he contacts and visits prostitutes (here Chinese brothel London3body)

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