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Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas:delusional liar and cheater

Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas is an expert in one thing, that is lying. He is a bullshit artist,a delusional liar, serial cheater. He lies to everyone he meets.

Like I said, I caught him red handed cheating with plenty of Asian ladyboys he claimed to be his “friends” but was in fact sucking their dicks behind my back.
The tranny Reem in example told me he met him on plentyoffish, and said he was single and wanted to be in a relationship with him. One he got caught, the cuntface Matt told me that he actually thought Reem the tranny was gross and disgusting.
See? The hypocrisy of this motherfucker?

Matthew Smith also claims to be successful. But when you see the shit place where he lives, you have to wonder how?LOL
He is nearly 40 years old, have no car, no decent flat/house.

He thinks that he is good-looking and now try to imitate David Beckham’s hairdo. LMAO! David Beckham doesn’t have a horseface covered with pimples, chicken legs, zero muscles and brown fucked up teeths!
Matt Smith really thinks he is handsome but he have to pay prostitutes for sex. He can’t even afford high-class escorts so he goes to the brothels in Chinatown.

I found out he regularly visits prostitutes because he sent to all his contacts an email where he accidentally cc’ed “londonbody2body”: a brothel in Chinatown.
He even went to Thailand , Indonesia just for sex tourism. These places are well-known for child prostitution and attract the most degenerates sick perverts!

If you re a friend with this bastard Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas, then watch your back!
There is no such thing as respect and loyalty for this piece of shit!
Matthew Smith is a fucking thieving scumbag. He stole me 400 euros during a weekend in Spain . Probably to pay prostitutes or to buy drugs

One of the Thai ladyboys Matt Smith cheated with
email Matt smith sent, where he says he thinks the tranny he cheated with, are gross. No one forced you to suck their dicks behind my back, tranny cocksucker!
Matthew Smith is a cheater obsessed with Asian ladyboys and prostitutes
Matthew Smith got busted : he contacts and visits prostitutes (here Chinese brothel London2body)

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