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Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas London: liar and cheater

I was with this ugly scum, Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas, during 4 years. He is nothing but a manipulative liar and serial cheater.

Never found him the least attractive but I got fooled by his pleading and begging. He kept harassing me when I dumped him like a fucking dog, which is what he is.

What a mistake, turns out  Matthew Smith is a disgusting creep obsessed on Asian ladyboys ( I m not being racist, I am half Asian).He was cheating with tons of Chinese/Asian ladyboys he met on dating sites/apps. But the cunt is so stupid he added his side tranny bitches on facebook. Thats how he got busted, because I knew his friends and I knew these ladyboys were not his friends. He was also regularly visiting prostitutes in Chinatown.

Trannies and prostitutes can take this shit!

One of the Thai ladyboys Matt Smith cheated with
One of Matthew smith’ online profile for fucking Asian ladyboys
Matthew Smith got busted : he contacts and visits prostitutes (here Chinese brothel London2body)



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