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Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas London: a “john” aka prostitutes’client

Matthew Smith, consultant for BNP Paribas London, is a “john” (a prostitutes’client), he  regularly visits brothels and spend his time online contacting and soliciting prostitutes for sex.

I googled his online username which is “smithmatt007” and found tons of secret profiles

ex: Thai mail order brides profiles, instagram just for contacting Asian prostitutes

He even sent one day an email to all his contacts where he accidentally cc’ed the email address of “londonbody2body“, a chinese brothel in London.

When I asked him why he got a brothel in his contacts, he pretended he had no idea what it was.But then later, I found out about the tons of Asian he cheated with and I found his secret profiles so that’s for sure because Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS regularly visits Asian prostitutes!

The real reason he spent 6 months in Asia was for sex tourism!

This DOG is just disgusting and pathetic.

And when you see his ugly face covered with pustules, yellow horseteeths and chicken legs, you can see why poor loser has to pay prostitutes for sex LMAO!

Matthew Smith got busted : he contacts and visits prostitutes (here Chinese brothel London2body)
Matthew smith with prostitutes in a brothel
Matthew Smith, from Clapham London

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