Matthew Smith: financial consultant in London (BNP Paribas)

Matthew Smith,finance analyst for BNP PARIBAS London United Kingdom

Matthew Smith works as financial consultant in London.

Matthew Smith currently works for BNP Paribas and before that JP Morgan in London and Bournemouth.

Matthew Smith is from Herne Bay but now lives in a low-income grubby flatshare in Clapham.

Matthew Smith is a disgusting low life creep, compulsive liar, serial cheater that sleeps with shemales prostitutes without condoms.

I was with this loser during 4 years and I found out he cheated on me with Asian ladyboys and prostitutes.
In fact, he is so stupid that catch himself cheating:
-He added the trannies he cheated with on Facebook. It was weird that he was adding all the time lot of Chinese/Asians (no racism, just stating a fact and btw I am half Asian), I knew his friends and they re all fat ,white ,English slobs. So I contacted one of them, a Thai ladyboy Reem who told me he met Matthew Smith on plentyoffish and was offered money for sex. I confronted Matt Smith with the evidence and this pig had to admit that all the Asian hoes on Facebook, he met them online and was cheating!

He is on tons of dating sites/apps (POF,Tinder etc..) and was using the alias “smithmatt007”. But now I exposed this piece of shit, you can find him under “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas , Matthew John Smith LTD, mjsltd80…”and other aliases
-He also saved in his contacts the email address ,phone number of Chinese brothels in London. Who has brothels in his contacts? A Loser that regularly sees prostitutes, of course!
He can’t even afford high-class escorts and goes to cheap brothels in Chinatown, or Bangkok.
He travelled to Thailand, Indonesia during 6 months  for sex tourism .

Matthew Smith is also an ignorant racist. He hates Black people, French people, Americans…but this pussy coward keep his racist views hidden in front of such people. But as soon as their back are turned, he is spouting his racist shit! Yes Matthew Smith OTC derivatives analyst at BNP PARIBAS / JP Morgan Chase is racist, xenophobic and fascist!

Matthew Smith at BNP Paribas in London is a finance analyst
Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS finance analyst London United Kingdom cheats with Asian shemales

As you can see, Matt Smith “smithmatt007” was cheating with men, women, shemales (picture here) and lied to them about being single and telling them that he is a looking for a serious relationship when in fact he just wants sex. His bald-faced lie was quickly caught much to his embarrassment and personal humiliation, followed by a brief retraction.

Matthew Smith from BNP PARIBAS is a shameless creep .This sociopath is dangerous.  He will sweet talk anyone into bed with himself.  he seems sincere and caring but that is all an act.  He has no conscience- Moral Fiber- or feelings.  He mistreats women and i am sure others. Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS is a professional liar !

matthew smith bnpparibas london horsemouth
Look the ressemblance between Matt Smith’s mother and ladyboy he cheated with

The real truth about Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS and JP Morgan Chase is even more disturbing. In order to maintain his boyish appearance despite being almost a senior citizen, this monster of a human being commits unnatural acts…with ducks. Mallards, Pintail, Goldeneye, Common — he doesn’t care as long as they’re underage. He is WELL known for visiting local ponds with a baguette and luring sords of them into his evil clutches. And then…*shudder*…it’s “bathtime”.

Matthew Smith- BNP PARIBAS- Finance Analyst- Finance Consultant-London- Warning to the public- Liar-Fraud-Scam-Racist-Lazy-Pedophile-Pervert-Sex buyer-United Kingdom-BNPPARIBAS- Matthew Smith BNP Paribas.

Matt Smith

The general public should not be swayed or intimidated by Matthew Smith’s threats of an inappropriate nature. Indeed Matthew Smith, BNP PARIBAS, financial analyst will threaten you if you dare exposing him for what he really is, but this bully is just coward! He targets women but will never stand up for himself against a man!

Matthew Smith- Racist consultant – Analyst – Finance – OTC – Derivatives -Complaints – Reviews – Inept – Lazy – Incompetent – London – Great Britain – United Kingdom – UK -Matthew John Smith LTD – BNP Paribas – JP Morgan Chase- Matthew Smith BNP Paribas


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  4. Hey, here’s an update about this sick freak “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas”!
    According to his profiles on xing and, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas used to work as as Middle Office Analyst JP Morgan at JP Morgan Global Derivatives Services and now Matthew Smith is working as OTC derivatives Trade control Analyst for BNP Paribas Asset Management.
    And Let’s not forget to mention that Matthew Smith used to work at this school called Kaplan Bournemouth and slept with many underage students !


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